The Weekly Draw has replaced the Gold Bond and is an extremely important income stream for the club. The Weekly Draw can be played online and via direct debit which gives the club a consistent income without having to collect payments door to door.

However, since the move to the new system many Gold Bond players are still paying cash and requires someone to collect that money regularly. In order to maximise the Weekly Draw’s potential, and revive one of the club’s biggest forms of income, we need to try and encourage these players to pay via Direct Debit.

To do this we need volunteers over the next few months to knock on some doors and speak to those that are not yet paying via direct debit.

Even if you can only spare the occasional evening it would be a massive help to the club and will help us secure the club’s long-term future.

If you are able to help out then please let us know via our website’s contact us form or email us on