We are all aware of the terrible circumstances that people in the Ukraine now find themselves, and it is hard not to watch the news feeds without feeling some compassion for the innocent victims of this conflict. 

 The ‘family’ that is Worcester City FC, is no different which is why the Club and Supporters Trust have agreed to make a positive contribution in aid of the people of Ukraine.

 Firstly, we will be showing our support by wearing our away colours (yellow & blue as in the national colours of Ukraine) during our remaining fixtures this season. In addition, our next matchday programme will also feature the flag of Ukraine on the front cover!

 Furthermore, on Saturday 12th March 2022, we will be hosting several local Ukrainian families as guests of Worcester City FC and The Supporters Trust. In particular, we will be extending a very warm welcome to the family and friends of local youngster, Teddy Koval. 

Teddy is a young five year old lad living nearby in Broadheath, who’s family originally came from Kharkiv, which is a besieged city in Ukraine that is being mercilessly bombed on a daily basis. 

 The youngster, who attends the Development Squad at local junior club, Leigh & Bransford Badgers FC, along with his mum wanted to help family and friends back in Kharkiv. Teddy’s uncle remains in the city and helps distribute food to folk less able to get out. However, because of the constant shelling, Red Cross and other voluntary agencies are struggling to deliver aid where it is most needed. 

Teddy and his mum, Maria wanted to help raise funds to purchase vital supplies that could be shipped out to help. Maria wasn’t sure how to go about it and reached out to the biggest local club in the area and our Community Coaching Team, as her son Teddy is a keen football mad youngster.

Maria claimed, ‘we need to raise funds quickly as children and older people are starving. Every £1 collected can save lives. Please help by giving what you can. Thank you to the Club and the Supporters of Worcester City FC for your kind gestures’.

For those of you who want to help… a bucket collection will be available at Saturday’s game. 

As a further gesture of support, Teddy and his young siblings & friends will also be leading out the teams as mascots, along with youngsters from Droitwich Spa FC U11s Vikings.