The matter of community owned football clubs can be quite overwhelming, with this in mind, we have prepared a few frequently asked questions to aid the understanding of it all.

What is a Supporters’ Trust for?

A supporters’ trust exists to represent the matters important to the supporters of a football club.

What is the WCFC Supporters’ Trust?

The Supporters’ Trust is an organisation independent from the football club, it exists to represent all with an interest in Worcester City FC, be that a supporter, a parent with children that play football or a local shop owner. It is a not for profit organisation where all money gained is channelled back into its operations.

What is the purpose of the WCFC Supporters’ Trust?

The WCFC Supporters’ Trust works to secure a sustainable future for Worcester City FC where the supporters and the community are at the core of its operations. It exists to re-focus the football club to serve the wider community socially, culturally, and economically using football as the medium to do so.

But what specifically?

The Trust’s efforts are towards a future where the football club is a community owned football club, like FC United Of Manchester and Exeter City FC, where it is owned by a majority by the Trust, meaning it would belong to its members – the people of Worcester.

How does the Trust represent the supporters of the football club?

The Trust is equally run by its members, with membership open to anyone and available for £10 a year to make it accessible for all. The Trust board that carry out all its operations are democratically voted on by the Trust’s members because they understand and can represent the concerns and views of members.

How can I help the Trust achieve its goals?

Become a member –  Every single person who is a member of the Trust moves the club one step closer to a bright and sustainable future. Being a Trust member further supports the Trust’s efforts as it demonstrates that there is a demand and desire for Worcester City Football Club to be in Worcester, and to belong to the supporters.