The Trust Board is made up of supporters who feel they can best steward the Trust towards completing its objectives. They are all volunteers, members of the Trust and were democratically elected onto the board by the members of the Trust. They come from a wide variety of occupations and were chosen to give the trust diverse experience and knowledge.

Transparency and communication are vital to everything the Trust does. In keeping with this, each Trust board member has a profile below sharing their experience as a City fan and professionally, so you can get to know them better.

The Trust board members will always be happy to speak to any Trust members or City fans, so if you would like to speak to someone, email , and put the Trust board member’s name in the subject, and the email will be forwarded on to them, and they will get back to you within a working week. All Trust Board members are available on a Match Day.

2021 AGM – Trust Board Nominations

The Trust AGM is being held on Tuesday 23rd November 2021 at Claines Lane, Worcester at 6.30pm. Ahead of this meeting notice was issued that the whole of the Trust Board would stand for election & any interested person who would like to join the Trust Board should be nominated. The following people have been nominated.

Dave Wood

Dave Wood

My name is Dave Wood and I have been Chairman of the Trust for a number of years

I joined the Club Board 3 years ago with a view to get the club transitioned to fan ownership, get us back to playing in Worcester and help to improve the financial situation 

The Trust is now the club majority shareholder and we are indeed playing back in Worcester 

I would like to continue in my role as a Director of both Trust and Club to continue my work to assist in bringing the club back to a viable and sustainable business 

I run a local Engineering company and have experience in finance and project management which I believe are useful tools for the position sought 

I am passionate about our City of Worcester and our football club – I want the club to be available for future generations and believe this can be achieved with the help of like minded fans, all working together to achieve our goals 

Julian Pugh

Julian Pugh

I am probably best known as the Club Historian, but as much as I like looking back at our glory days, I’m also very passionate about helping to take our club forward now that we are back in Worcester.

 I have been a Trust member since it was first launched and for the last decade I’ve sat on the Trust Board as Vice-Chair. 

 I’m proud of what we have achieved in bringing City home and securing fan ownership. It has been an honour to work with so many good people as part of the Trust Board and I hope I’ve been able to make a useful contribution in my own small way.

 I want to use the experience and knowledge that I’ve gained over the last decade to to help us move forward as we try to re-establish ourselves back in Worcester. 

 I’m very keen to improve spectator facilities at Claines Lane. I know some things are going to take time but I think it’s really important to listen to what you, as fans, are saying.

 I also want Worcester City FC to be a respected part of the local community, both in Claines and in the city generally, and I hope I can be a good ambassador for our club and the Trust.

Rich Widdowson

Rich Widdowson

I became involved in the Trust by accident in 2008. I happened to be in the Harry Knowles Lounge at St Georges Lane when the Trust Secretary & Chairman were about to dissolve the Trust. I asked them to defer for a week as there were things people needed to hear about the ongoing Nunnery Way issues of the time. Just a few months later we called a meeting when over 250 people turned up.

I have organised lots of fundraising events over the years, I also set up the first online shop for the club back in 2013 which was incredibly successful before effectively closed down by the Club Chairman at the time.

 Since the vote to allow community ownership our return to Worcester quickly followed & although we have been greatly affected by Covid, we are now in a position to move the club forward.

I set up a new online shop for the club which has  brought in over £50,000 for the club in just over 12 months  (which included a long period with no football due to Covid). I continue to run WCFCTV, which included the livestream during lockdown & now we are finally being allowed by the WFA to use the facilities at Claines Lane, I have introduced a new match day service which includes showing the game live in the bar as well as interviews and highlights from previous games. This all adds to a better match day experience for our fans & bring back the community spirit to our club.

With the Club now 50+1% owned by the Trust, we need to continue to build a stable base for the future. Without the Trust we would have no club, it is only here because people would not give in. Every single person makes a difference.


Mike Davis

Mike Davis

My involvement with the Club goes back a long way into my childhood. and that is a long way.  Apart from talking to Dave Boddy and offering to help with the pitch when it was rapidly degenerating into a grassless dessert, I didn’t do anything in a positive way apart from watching, until 2010. By the way, Dave’s answer was something along the lines of “thanks for the offer but we employ a professional who looks after top class pitches in the Midlands”. Enough said. To counter his claim I remember overhearing a visiting director say to no one in particular “better get this game started, when does the f….. tide come in?”

Soon after that the Trust was re-established and raised the old question of supporter representation on the Board. When that was finally, grudgingly accepted, no one wanted to take on the responsibility, It’s nearly always the quiet one who loses out, I was that one.

Looking back on that time and my 7 years in the job, I’m pleased with what I achieved. Of course it all came to an end in the disagreement surrounding Community ownership. Times are very different now and I would like to be involved in furthering the development the Club has embarked on by continuing my presence on the Trust Board

Bosko Medakovic

Bosko Medakovic

I have been a trust director for the past 6 years or so and feel that there is still a long way to go before WCFC is where it rightly needs to be, that is… playing in its own ground, in Worcester, at a level befitting the status and pedigree of such a prestigious city and its main football club.

It is my belief that Worcester can proudly boast of a fantastic ‘necklace of sporting provision’ within the City, with each sport having their own state of the art venues. These include cricket, rugby, basketball, netball, swimming, hockey, and horse racing… without a doubt, the jewel that is football needs to feature alongside.

Becoming a fan owned club, coming back to play in Worcester, putting the club on a sounder financial footing, and living within its means are admirable achievements to date, but many fans know that these are just momentary ‘stops’ along a journey that the club needs to continue with in order to be back among the ‘top dogs’ of the non-league elite. 

Make no mistake… WCFC is the big local club and very much a major sporting part of this historical City. It is capable of achieving even more greater things both on and off the pitch, and as part of the Supporters Trust (i.e. the Clubs biggest share-holder), I hope to do my part at every opportunity in helping to ensure that WCFC strives towards this. 

I am a strong advocate of community ownership and involvement. WCFC is now a fan owned club. Having successfully achieved this, I believe the club now needs to extend this ‘community mindedness’ towards establishing itself firmly as the club of the community. 

It needs to open itself up more to other local grassroots clubs, players, and coaches, as well as their families and friends. I do not believe you have to be a great footballer to be able to wear the badge/colours and play for a WCFC grassroots team, nor should it be just for able bodied male participants. Anyone should be able to represent their local community football club!

I first watched WCFC in the late 1970s. For nearly 50 years I have played and coached football, culminating in my playing for WCFC reserves during the early 80’s and 90’s, and qualifying as an FA coach in 2002. In 2001 I co-founded and continue to coach youngsters at Leigh & Bransford Badgers FC, helping to make football available to those youngsters who want to learn, play and enjoy the game, no matter what their ability, as well as encouraging adults to get involved. For nearly 40 years my day job requires my helping to improve, expand, and maintain schools across the County as an operational manager for the County Council’s Worcestershire Children First company.

Ken Johnson

Ken Johnson

I am a long standing Worcester City Football Club supporter as was ny father before me.

I will continue to find ways of raising funds for the WCFC Supporters Trust as I have done so since being elected as a Director of the Board when I gave my commitment to do so as my contribution, along with many other volunteering activities for the WCFC Trust & WCFC Club.

I ask for your support to be re-elected as a Board member to enable me to carry on this role.

Simon Copson

Simon Copson

I wish to put myself forward to continue as a member of the Worcester City Supporters Trust Board.

I have support Worcester City since my first match attended in 1972 and although I no longer live in Worcester, I am a regular at both home and away games travelling up from London and attend about 90% of all games.

I firmly believe that for us to be successful as a fan owned club and supporters trust, that it is vitally important for us to put the trust members at the forefront of what we do especially now that the trust has achieved its original aims of:

  1. taking control of the club as a community and fan led venture
  2. The football club returning to Worcester.

Now that these aims have been achieved, I strongly believe that in order to be successful moving forward now is the time to concentrate on the Trust and its members.

Trust membership was sold with the overarching commitment that members would be co-owners of the club and as such would be made to feel involved. I do not think that we have achieved this (partly down to covid) and that some members are probably feeling disillusioned and cannot see how being a trust member gives them that feeling of ownership and inclusion. 

It has been all well and good joining various things but even the changing of the club badge for example, was not opened to the members to be part of the decision-making process. 

To be successful, as a Trust Board we need to engage more with the trust members and give more visibility as to what is happening and why and allow our members an opportunity to get involved. We cannot lose sight of the fact that we are only as strong as our membership.

We need to be looking to grow our membership and we should have simple things in place like membership forms on the gates so that they can be handed out to new fans as they enter the ground.

I would also like to see at least a double page set aside in the programme for the Supporters Trust – maybe call it ‘Our Club’ or even get suggestions for a name from trust members. This could then be used to communicate things that have happened, stories from members such as match reports or views on Claines Lane, competitions, financial info such as why we charge for parking at the schools and where that money goes etc etc

I think that a ‘Trust desk’ at games where fans can ask questions etc. would also help. 

Concentrating on and listening to our most valuable asset – our members, will strengthen the Supporters Trust. If members start to feel involved, then they will be more likely to volunteer for all those jobs that need doing on a match day, it will encourage that ‘our club’ ethos and will help grow the trust. To paraphrase one of my favourite musicians – ‘Without Members, we are nothing’

Finally, the trust board should be acting as a voice for all of the trust membership, therefore the club’s owners, and part of this is holding the Club board to account if needed. I think that the makeup of the previous trust board was too aligned to the club board and that sometimes resulted in a conflict of interests

Marcus Sparrow

Marcus Sparrow

Over the course of the last eight years, I’ve had the privilege of working alongside the Board of the Supporters’ Trust and seen first-hand the genuine passion, commitment and professionalism that enabled the Supporters’ Trust to work with WCFC and external partners in navigating the Club to Claines Lane. There is always room for improvement, and I’d like to assist the Trust in building on its relationships and proactively engaging with the Club and the local community to create a more responsive, accountable and influential Supporters’ Trust.

Rob Crean

Rob Crean

I have been the Secretary of the Supporters’ Trust since 2008. During this time my role has been to monitor the trust’s affairs and ensure that matters are dealt with in accordance with the Rules, legislation, good practice and to the benefit of the Members.

I believe that as we are now back in the City as a fan owned club we have an opportunity to prepare for our mid to long term future whilst at the same time establishing ourselves as an integral part of our community and I would like to be on the board of the Trust with the responsibility to foster that community engagement..

In the past I have worked on behalf of the Trust with Locality- a national network supporting community organization- to establish how we can put ourselves at the heart of the community and bring benefit to both the club and the wider population. It is critical we show value to the community as a whole, not just the football club, so we can forge partnerships with local businesses, community groups, schools, city council etc. and work more closely with private, public and third sector organizations locally

If you elect me to the Trust board I will do all I can to achieve these aims whilst continuing to promote the benefits for club and community with fan ownership

Dan Roberts

Dan Roberts

I can’t say that I have been a Worcester City fan all my life and that I remember the days of St George’s Lane. I have been a Liverpool fan all my life but in the last few years my support has slowly declined. Ever since leaving Liverpool after graduating from University, I felt like I lost my local connection to the club and to the team. Therefore, when I moved to Worcester I wanted to connect with my new community through the local football club.

What made this process so much easier was that within moments of looking into Worcester City I could see all the hallmarks of a club run in complete harmony with my outlook on life: Community, Empowerment and Equality. Through talking to Luke Cox I very quickly saw what Worcester wanted to do and how it wanted to do it. Worcester deserves to have a football club that the city is proud of fans are passionate about and the Supporters’ Trust have so far worked to provide just that.

That is why as a Supporters Trust board member I want fan and member engagement to be one of our top priorities. The Trust has done so much hard work with the club to get it back to Worcester and reconnecting with its roots and community. A fan-owned club only works with the incredible hard work of a small army of volunteers who are willing to see the club grow and prosper. We therefore need to grow our network of active Trust members to ensure that we have the necessary core of volunteers the club needs to run smoothly on match day and continue to make links with the community away from the pitch.

To do this I would like to see more regular communication with Trust members through a regular newsletter sent via email, just keeping all involved in the loop on goings on with the Trust. This could me as simple as monthly open letter from the committee to the membership. Fans of clubs like Swansea will attest that this was key component in the success of the supporters’ trust during their golden years, and a key sign of its downfall once these communications stopped.

I would also like to set up a Supporters Trust Facebook Group so fellow members can connect with each other, cooperate on community activities and collaborate on various club matters such as arranging transport to games as well as getting flags to the ground etc. This could me monitored by the committee to ensure all discussions and posts are helpful and do not bring the club or the trust into disrepute.

In addition, now that we have this wonderful facility at Claines Lane I want to see more advertising of the Supporters’ Trust on match day. This doesn’t have to be anything major or over the top but as simple as a stand in the bar which highlights the work we do, the importance of fan ownership and why if people want to see this club grow we need to see the Supporters’ Trust grow as well.

I would also like to see us set up, along with Worcester Women’s, a quarterly community forum meeting. This would be our way of building a real network in Worcester of community groups and organisations that are trying to help people in the community and make Worcester a better place for all. We could then liaise with these groups to see if we as a Supporters’ Trust can support said group or if there is anyway they can help us. This network would include local Trades Councils, mutual aid groups, charities, local schools and smaller sports clubs. Community has to be central to everything we do as a fan-owned, Non-League club and this would be a good way of re-affirming our commitment to the local community.

Hand in hand with this should be our effort to get as many young people and children through the gates at Claines Lane as possible. Whilst non-league football may be a hard sell compared to the glitz and glamour of Premier League football, nothing replicates an authentic match day experience at non-league level. Realistically, only a handful of the population in Worcester have the disposable income to watch regular live Premier League football. Therefore, there is a real opportunity for the club to reach out to young people in the city and get them hooked on football at this level. This is something we need to see the club work side-by-side with Worcester Women’s on to ensure we are getting a cross section of society coming to Claines, either to see the men on a Saturday or Women on a Sunday.

Now whilst I haven’t got direct experience in being on a Supporters’ Trust, I do have other important qualities and skills to bring to this role. As the Managing Editor of the local media blog Worcester Transformed, I am experienced in communicating to a wide variety of audiences and reaching out to community groups across Worcestershire. This work also means I am adapt at using social media and targeting messaging to specific groups. I am the Chair of the Unite the Union Herefordshire and Worcestershire Branch which, along with being City’s match ball sponsor, has worked tirelessly to make our workplaces and communities a better place. In my day job I work for Citizens Advice so understand the needs of the community, and how important the likes of football clubs are to people’s general wellbeing.

I would bring passion, energy and excitement to this role if elected and want to bring as many local people as possible with me on Worcester City’s journey.