The Trust Board

The Trust Board is made up of supporters who feel they can best steward the Trust towards completing its objectives. They are all volunteers, members of the Trust and were democratically elected onto the board by the members of the Trust. They come from a wide variety of occupations and were chosen to give the trust diverse experience and knowledge.

There are three Trust Board Members on the Football Club Board.

Transparency and communication are vital to everything the Trust does. In keeping with this, we are working to bring you a profile of each Trust board member sharing their experience as a City fan and professionally, so you can get to know them better.

The Trust board members will always be happy to speak to any Trust members or City fans, so if you would like to speak to someone, email, and put the Trust board member’s name in the subject, and the email will be forwarded on to them, and they will get back to you within a working week.


Chairman: David Wood
‘I am Worcester born and bred and have a huge passion to promote the city of Worcester.

I am an Electrical Design Engineer by trade and I am very proud to be running a local Engineering Company in the City where we design and manufacture automotive and industrial engine test systems which we export around the world with our proud logo saying made in Worcester

I first watched City back in the seventies and had a reconnection when my son wanted to go and watch at a young age – we and my other sons have been going ever since

I have had many memories over the years but the most important are the memories I have with many fans and now friends from our football communities – ups and downs but always together

I have been involved with the new ground plans since its inception and hope to continue to assist in getting City back home to Worcester – where we belong.

Up the City!’

In August 2018, Dave joined the Football Club’s Board.


Vice-Chairman: Julian Pugh
‘I have supported City since the late seventies. I was the programme editor for more than a decade and was co-author of the Official History of Worcester City FC, published in 2003. I’ve been part of the Supporters Trust Board for more than a decade and am proud to have worked alongside many capable and dedicated fans during that time. I have worked in local government for many years and  my background is in governance and administration.’


Board Member: Richard Widdowson
Rich has been actively involved behind the scenes since joining the Vice Presidents Club 1998, he was previously Supporters Club Chairman for a few years in the 1990’s.

He has been an active fundraiser since then, introducing The Harry Knowles Lounge at SGL in 2004 which was run profitably for five seasons. Amongst other events, he organised 13 years of the Big Match, 10 End Of Season Presentation Nights and a host of other events including organising the Sports Zone for the Worcester Show for several years (including 2019).

He spent three years on the Club Board where as Sponsorship Director he ran the Club Website and introduced the online shop turning over £90,000 and dispatching 1800 orders in just over two years. He also set up Worcester City FC TV Channel which has enabled the Club to gain a World Wide audience and put many players into the spotlight (including the Sean Geddes Rabona goal). He was responsible for the final two years of the Social Club at St Georges Lane bringing in a local license which saw its only profit in the last 20 years immediately putting a halt on the losses it had previously made. Rich is fully committed to Community Ownership and has forged many good links locally whilst Community Director for the Club.

Rich has been involved in working on a new ground at Perdiswell since 2012 and is currently working with all of the Community Organisations who want to be involved in the facility.


Board Member: Mike Davis
‘The war was over (that’s the 2nd one by the way), and I was 6 years old. Dad took me to my first match at the Lane. Names from those days stay with me, Bert Rogers, Gerry Sheveling and more.

The Supporters Club was a significant organisation, I had a lapel badge they produced, I collected little hanging add-ons every season. With breaks for College, 3 years in North Wales and then starting a business, I’ve watched City ever since.

I spent 6 years as a Director, the first supporters’ representative. During that time, I turned the pitch at SGL from a sand pit into something which stayed green to the end of the season, re-established the connection with local schools and youth clubs and introduced Gold Bond’.

In December 2018, Mike joined the Club Board as a Director.


Co-opted Board Member: Jem Pitt
‘I became a City fan at the age of 12, when my parents moved to Merrimans Hill. The lure of the floodlights from my bedroom window was irresistible. I’ve never really been a big football fan, but I always felt the WCFC was an integral part of Worcester community.

I founded the Supporters Trust in 2004, with the aim of creating a fully democratic fans owned football club, with a more stable financial position. 14 years later, the ambition is the same, but the need is much greater.

I once missed a penalty at St George’s Lane, voted the worst penalty ever at The Lane’.


Board Member: Bosko Medakovic
Currently in my 37th year with the County Council, I work as a Capital Accommodation Officer for Children’s Services. In addition, I have also been involved in projects to provide sports centres and artificial turf pitches on school sites across the county. Outside of work, I am an FA Level 2 qualified football coach and have since 2001 spent my weekends coaching youngsters at my local football club, Leigh & Bransford Badgers FC. I co-founded the club with the aim of giving football mad youngsters (to include my three lads) a chance to be able to learn, play, and enjoy their football, no matter what their ability, in a safe and structure environment.

Having first watched Worcester City in 1976/77 season, I soon ‘caught the bug’ and have followed their fortunes ever since. As a Trust Director, for me, two major challenges need over coming if we are to witness a return to the City hey-days of yester year. Firstly, I firmly believe that Worcester needs to convert to community ownership. Secondly, the City of Worcester offers its public a huge and varied sporting programme, supported with some first class facilities to include cricket, rugby, basketball, swimming and netball. WCFC needs to be among this sporting provision and a new purpose-built home in Worcester at Perdiswell will ensure that this is so for years to come.


Board Member: Ken Johnson
‘I became a City Fan because of my Father who was a huge WCFC fan in my growing years & was an original supporter club member, so I decided to get involved when Ritch Widdowson asked me to join the ST Board, previously I was a serving HM PRISON Ranking Prison Principal Officer for 25.5 years with Governor Grade in my last 3 years’.


Board Member: Luke Cox
I have lived in Worcester pretty much all of my life and I have always been aware of the presence City had in Worcester. I properly started watching City about 3 or 4 years ago when I came to realise the importance of supporting my local team. I was there for the Scunthorpe and Sheffield games, and had such a good time I have stuck round ever since, it’s not an easy life supporting Worcester City, but I’ve fallen head over heels for this authentic and imperfect level of football.

In May 2018 I finished my degree in Football Business & Marketing from UCFB Wembley, and have experience working in football through my job working in communications for Supporters Direct Europe.

I truly believe there can be a bright future for Worcester City at a much higher level of football fitting for the club’s size and history’.

Luke joined Mike Davis by joining the Football Club Board in December 2018.


Board Member: Gavin Warr
Gavin has a wealth of experience in property development and heads his own property development firm.

‘I first started watching The City with some school friends in the late 70’s. Most memorable at the time were the Plymouth and Newport FA Cup games. Still have my junior ticket. Admission was 60p! We also went to Swansea City away in the Welsh Cup. Chicken George was on our coach! Whilst at College I worked on the turnstiles for some pocket money. Since then I have been an irregular supporter until 3 or 4 years ago when I started attending most home games and several away each season. My family have a long history of connections with the Club. My Great Grandad was on the board, my Nan went to the Liverpool and Sheffield games, my Mum and Dad actually met at a City game and my late father in law was club secretary for many years’.


 Board Member: Simon Copson
I attended my first City game in 1972 and have been a season ticket holder and regular for a number of seasons now even though I live in London. I usually average about 7000 miles per season travelling both home and away and to pre-season friendlies! I spent 17 years in The Royal Navy and after leaving I followed England home and away for 12 years only missing a couple of games (and spent some time helping out the FSF on their fan embassies during WC 2006).

I have been working in Welfare to Work for the past 17 years and am an experienced Implementation Manager and Trainer. I certainly think that my Project Management, Lean Six Sigma knowledge and my experience of implementing projects and designing and delivering presentations are skills that can support the work of the Supporters’ Trust and I look forward to doing ‘my bit’ to get our Club back to where it should be’.