Become an ‘Patron’ member of the WCFC Supporters’ Trust! Here’s the benefits:

  • Become an offical Supporters’ Trust member and equal owner of Worcester City
  • Owners’ Pin Badge
  • Digital Commenmorative Share
  • Membership Card
  • Monthly Trust Newsletter
  • Entry into programme name lottery on cover
  • WCFC By the Fans Stickers
  • Fan-Owned Football scarf
  • Special Edition Woolie Hat

With our membership plans, we want to make sure anyone who wants to become a member can, and those that are in the position to spend a little more to help the Supporters’ Trust can do that. The ‘Patron’ package exists for those who are in a positiion to contribute more financially.

Become a equal owner of Worcester City, have a say over your football club!

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to have a say on what happens at your football club? Well all fans of Worcester City can. We are a fan-owned football club, which means the supporters have a say in the significant decisions.

You may be thinking that you’d need a PhD in Business Administration or be an experienced business director to achieve the above, but that is not the case. It doesn’t involve sending in a CV, or a lengthy form to fill in, it takes 30 seconds.

Become a member of the supporters’ trust today. By being a member, you get to vote for who is on the Trust board, with any member able to stand. You also get a vote on all significant Trust decisions and have a direct impact on the future of Worcester City FC.

Over the past ten years the Trust has stood steadfast in ensuring our football club did not wither away into oblivion. It has remained focussed on ensuring our club’s future which resulted in the long-awaited return to Worcester in 2020. Our next step is to create a solid foundation which will pave the way for a bright future on and off the pitch.

The only way that OUR Football club has a future is if its supporters are fully behind making it happen. Our strength is in our membership and supporters have been at the heart of our club since 1902, be a part of it.

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