Membership Scheme FAQs


We have created a document which fully explains the new membership scheme and why the Trust have made this change. You can see that by clicking the links below:

Why have the Trust decided to change the membership tier now? 

As of November 2021, the Supporters’ Trust is now the majority shareholder of the football club and we collectively must take on the responsibility to ensure its long-term financial sustainability. 

Currently the Trust has around 311 members, meaning we can contribute a yearly amount of £3110 to the running of the football club. To compete with privately owned football clubs, we need to raise more.


How will the additional funds be invested?

The fees of the members supplement the commercial activities of the club for it to operate with members receiving influence in the Trust in return through democratic participation.

For this football club to survive we need to break even. Without the backing of an unaccountable benefactor, we the fans need to ensure that this club survives for decades to come. 

Alongside guaranteeing the long-term survival of the football club, we will use the funds to assist with on and off the pitch success in terms of returning Worcester City to the level of football it has been historically associated with, and continuing the club’s strong role within the community. Key to all of these goals is finding a long-term home for the football club.


Are there any examples of the fan ownership model being successful in the U.K? 

There are numerous examples of fan owned clubs around the U.K and Europe who are incredibly successful. Around 40 clubs in the football pyramid are owned by fans, including three in the football league (Exeter City, AFC Wimbledon and Newport County).

For a full explanation of how Community/Fan Owned Football works, click here.


I already contribute to the weekly draw and team builder, why is this any different? 

We appreciate everything our fans do in terms of paying for programmes, gifts and signing up to regular payments towards the Weekly Draw and Team Builders. 

However, signing up as a Trust member is not just about giving money to the club, it’s about becoming a part-owner in the football club. 

As a Trust Member, you democratically elect the Trust Board who are selected to carry out the work of the Trust on behalf of the members. The club Board is appointed by the shareholders and is responsible to them, meaning, through the Trust, the WCFC Board is accountable to the fans.

The Football Club Board manages the club. However, because the Supporters’ Trust is the controlling shareholder, it sets the mandate for the Football Club Board, creating better transparency and accountability whilst ensuring responsible management and strategic decision making.


There doesn’t seem to be much for your money in terms of signing up to a higher tier?

Previously, the Supporters’ Trust membership was £10 a year because it was about campaigning and strength in numbers. As we need to invest more money into the football club, We are creating a three tiered membership. All three membership tiers have no more or less influence than others and it is purely to accommodate those who would like to contribute more financially.

The gifts given to those who can afford to contribute more money towards the trust is our small way of saying thank you for your support.  Being a fan owned club is about saying what can you do for your football club, rather than what can your football club do for you. 


What happens to my current Trust membership? 

We will use this new system as a reset on the current Trust membership so we have everyone’s correct and up to date data all in one place. 

Therefore, we are asking all existing members of the Trust to sign up to the new scheme as soon as possible, preferably by 01/01/2023. This will enable us to properly plan the direction of the Trust and the club for 2023 and will also bring the membership data into one place, allowing us to communicate with you more effectively moving forward.

Payment as a Trust member can only be made via our website, so anyone not able to use the internet or previously paid via paypal or bank transfer please get in contact with the Trust board at a game or by writing to the club.


Will people paying more have additional voting rights as a member? 

Each tier adheres to one member, one vote and permits the holder to attend trust meetings and stand in elections.


What if I am able to contribute more than the highest tier? 

The highest tier comes with an option of £150 per year plus an additional donation amount. We only want people to sign up to whichever tier they can afford and appreciate any and everyone who signs up and becomes an active player in the future direction of our football club.