Statement – Supporters Trust Independent Business Report

Following a period of discussion between the Supporters Trust appointed representative, Nick Igoe of Supporters Direct, and members of the Club Board of Directors, it is with regret that the Supporters Trust have to announce that the planned work to produce an independent business review of WCFC Ltd. and to explore opportunities to secure a long term sustainable football club in Worcester will not be progressing.

The Supporters Trust had presented a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to the Board of Directors, which also outlined the scope of work, and a schedule of information needed to perform the review. The Club did not sign this NDA, and instead issued a completely different NDA which was not fit-for-purpose for a number of reasons

  1.       The club NDA was an agreement between the Club and Supporters Direct, later updated to a three way agreement including just two Supporters Trust board members.
  2.       Even though the report was to be funded by the Supporters Trust, the Club were asking for sight of the report PRIOR to the Supporters Trust seeing it.
  3.       The Club were further stipulating that they would decide who at the Supporters Trust, beyond the two named recipients, could have visibility of the report.

In essence, the Club were stipulating that, despite the Supporters Trust initiating the business review, and paying for the report, on behalf of our members, the Club would determine whether Supporters Trust board members would be able to see the finalised report.

This situation is considered, quite naturally, unacceptable to the Supporters Trust. We have taken guidance from Supporters Direct who agree that we cannot proceed under these terms.

Nick Igoe shares the Trust’s frustration at the club’s stance commenting “I have undertaken a lot of these reviews on behalf of supporters trusts and never known a club be so difficult. The NDA would have ensured that absolute confidentiality was maintained and I am sure the review would have been a valuable exercise for all stakeholders in the Club”.

Because this Club is so important for so many people the Supporters Trust is determined to explore other solutions, working  closely with Supporters Direct to take advantage of their vast experience. We will of course  continue to consult with our members and the wider community with regards to how we move forward.