This is an open letter to Mr Anthony Hampson and the Directors of Worcester City Football Club

Dear Sirs,

We are Worcester City Football Club supporters. Before the Supporters’ Trust can make any decision on the viability of the football club as a going concern we are offering the services, via Supporters’ Direct, of Nick Igoe to give an independent review of the state of the business. Nick is currently engaged as a financial consultant with Supporters Direct Development and is a Chartered Accountant with 32 years’ post qualification experience including 27 years as finance director. Between 1997 and 2012 Nick was West Ham United’s Finance Director. Upon signing non-disclosure agreements we would ask you to release any relevant documentation on the state the club is in financially including any current and future liabilities. This offer will be at zero cost to the football club.

The Supporters’ Trust still believes Community Ownership is the best way to secure the long term aim of maintaining a viable and sustainable future for football in the City of Worcester. It will take a change in the current constitution of Worcester City FC to allow this to happen. Whilst you have previously directed influential shareholders to reject such constitutional change The Trust would once again request an open and honest dialogue to save our Club. This, along with the financial assessments above and an agreement to effect a change of constitution, would also be a pre-requisite of any Supporters’ Trust involvement in the current set up.

As you know none of the above is new as this has been the stated position of the Trust for some time.

With our commitment to speak to Trust members at our AGM on the 28th March a prompt response to the above is requested within 7 days.

A lack of response will be taken as an unwillingness to work in the open and transparent manner that we have always adopted to give everyone concerned – shareholders, fans and Trust members – the confidence that decisions are being made in the best interest of Worcester City FC.

We look forward to your response.

Yours faithfully,

Worcester City FC Supporters Trust, Board of Directors