‘A few of you may know me, my name is Luke Cox, I am a Worcester City fan
and a Trust member. I have been working with the Trust on efforts such as the new website. In addition to helping the Trust, I am also a 3rd year student at UCFB Wembley where I am studying towards a degree in Football Business & Marketing.

As part of my final year studies, I am carrying out a research project for
which I am currently appealing for voluntary participants.

I am conducting research into why some individuals choose to support both
Worcester City FC and another football club. I intend to do this by
interviewing those who do. I am looking to interview football fans who have
supported a football club, but then in time began supporting Worcester City
as well. Anyone wishing to participate must be 18 or over. Any participation
will be greatly appreciated as it will help towards my final degree grade and will
be hugely beneficial to the Trust by gaining a better understanding of its members
and Worcester City fans in general.

If you feel it is something you would like to contribute towards,
please email me at l.cox@ucfbstudent.com for more information or
if you would like to take part in my research.

You are under no obligation to reply to this. If you choose to participate in
this research you may withdraw at any time

Thank you’

This research has been approved by the University College of Football Business Wembley Ethics Comitee under Reference Number UCFBREC17W005. The principal researcher (Luke Cox) is carrying out this research under supervision from their supervisor (Dr. Leo Watkins).