Following last month’s vote at the Trust forum, the appeal against the decision to refuse the planning for Periswell has been formally submitted to the Planning Inspectorate. We will keep everyone informed on the appeal as it progresses.

Here is a reminder of a number of  key points about the Trust’s appeal & the process:

  • The point that the application was refused on, relating to the size and scale of the development, will be the sole focus of the appeal, so no other elements of the planning application can drawn upon.
  • The appeal is going to be heard by the Planning Inspectorate, an executive agency of the Department for Communities and Local Government, which is politically independent, meaning there will be no political influence possible on the appeal.
  • The appeal process has a six month window, meaning it must be started within 6 months of 26th July 2017. The submission of the appeal means it is inside the 6 month deadline of the appeal process being started.

For more information on the planning appeal process, please see the below link: